Architecture is a form of expression that should emerge around the user's daily needs without disruption of their usual routine.  It should deliver a sense of energy yet tranquility at the same time.  As architects, it is our responsibility to generate a structure that will harvest these feelings when admired publicly.

McCormick Architecture creates timelessness and reflects upon culture, environment, location and climate.  Our designs evolve from the "problem solving" process by the collaborative effort approach in which diverse thoughts, from the architect, client, user, and community come together as a team and form a sense of harmony towards a successful finale.

As our ecosystem continues to deteriorate due to uncaring use of our natural resources, we emphasize sustainable methods to increase nature life and a healthier environment.  We feel that social and cultural interaction through well planned urbanism provides the key to quality of life and encourages a healthier economy and life style.  As architects we carry the responsibility to design for the safety and well-being of others, but at the same time instill "delight" in the built environment.

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